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This course is specially aimed at doctors interested in enhancing their emergency care skills. It will help doctors enhance their knowledge and skills required for the prevention, diagnosis and management of acute and urgent aspects of illness and injuries affecting patients of all age groups including identification and treatment of life threatening emergencies, resuscitating a critically ill patient and performing life saving procedures.

Certificate :


7 Week Course

Adult Basic Life Support

Pediatric Basic Life Support

Cardiac Arrest Management

National Cardiac Life Support

Advanced Airway Management

Non – invasive Ventilation – Pulmonology

ABG Interpretation

Ventilator Waveform Interpretations And Analysis

Snake Envenomation

General Management of Poisoning

  • Management, Investigation & Identification Of Poisoning & Toxindrome

    Dr. Hemanth H R

    MD, Fellowship

  • Management & Assessment Of Acute Poisoned Patients

    Dr. Hemanth H R

    MD, Fellowship

Polytrauma Management